Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sunday Night: City Life

After a weekend of "roughing it" on the river with beer, wine, appetizers and tri-tip, it sure was nice to get back to civilization. I stayed with my buddy Guido on Sunday night in San Francisco...we had a steak dinner, a couple of martinis and then we met the Sire sisters out for a drink afterward.

You may remember Jaymee from earlier this year when my wife and I went to SF for the weekend, she was the one who gave us the great restaurant recommendation for Valentines Day. Anyhow, Heather is her sister and she was in town with their mom for Mothers Day, so it worked out great.

Not surprisingly, Jaymee wanted to try some new place she had heard about called "Lion Pub" in Pacific Heights. Turns out the place is famous for their fresh squeezed greyhounds...and maybe their cheese and crackers too. Anyway, it had been a long time since we had seen both Sire sisters at the same time, so there was a lot of catching up to do.

Lot's of catching up meant lots of fresh squeezed greyhounds, which meant lots of pictures on the signature lions at the Pub. I mean seriously a 12. Lucky for you I decided on this one.


  1. YAY!!! We made the blog!! :) So great catching up...we must do it again soon. Rarrrr. (That was supposed to be a lion growling.)

  2. Oh I know exactly what that was Guido doing his "gay lion" impression. Not that there's anything wrong with that.