Thursday, May 13, 2010

Off Day Baby!

The Padres play 162 games over the course of a 6 month season. At Channel 4 we broadcast roughly 140 of those games which means, from time to time, the Padres will play a mid-week game that we don't television. That was the case today as the Padres wrapped up a 3-game series in San Francisco with a 12:45 start.

While Mat Latos was busy pitching his was to a 1-hit complete game shutout that gave San Diego it's second series sweep over the Giants this season, the Channel 4 Postgame crew was hard at work... relaxing. To be fair I was actually working hard slaving over a hot grill cooking up some Carne Asada and Polo Asada for little bit today. I also worked up a few beads of sweat throwing the bags during our mini cornhole it's not like I was just sitting around.

Beginning with our go-cart excursion, Jenny and Producer Lorien have decided to take on the role of co-social chairs for the Channel 4 off days. Once a month...on an off day...we're going to get as much of the crew together as we can and do something fun.

Next month it's paintball, then maybe surfing, and after that who knows.

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